Morro Bay  GC

2023 NCGA Thursday Summer Match Team Play


Captains: Marc Burgraff   Nicki Anderson   


1June 1MB vs Hunter Ranch at Hunter Ranch
2June 8MB vs Paso at Paso
3June 16MB vs Chalk Mountain at Chalk
4June 29MB vs Hunter Ranch at Morro Bay
5July 6MB vs Paso at Morro Bay
6July 20 MB vs Chalk Mountain at Morro Bay

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Season Recap

We ended up in a respectable 2nd place overall behind Atascadero (Chalk) due to total points scored so we all tied in that respect. All 4 clubs in our group had 3 wins at home and 3 losses away from home. First place went to the highest overall scoring club which was Atascadero with 125 points. We had 108 points. In the NCGA region there were 28 groups of either 3 or 4 clubs. NCGA wants 32 clubs to have a winner for the finals so there are 4 wildcard teams that come from the lot of 2nd place teams of which we are one. The four 2nd place teams that are selected as wildcard teams are those with the highest number of scored points overall. There were 11 second place teams that had scored more points than us so we will not be chosen for a wildcard slot. Looking back I believe we all played to win, but just didn't. However, we came close and 2nd place is not bad after all. To have won our group we would have had to win one away game or to become a wild card we would have needed about 2 to 3 more points per match. In conclusion, to everyone that played this year I thank you and I look forward to at least one away game win next year. Thanks to all and MB club for the support.

Results of Match 6

We won our last match over Chalk at home 23-13. This puts us in a possible position to move forward as a wild card selection coming out of second place depending on how the HR/PR series ends up. No telling yet, but keep posted. Thanks to the players last week Mangum/J. Johnson, Mundee/Mahler, Wade/Rutherford, P. Moore/Valdez, Ross/Herold, Burgraff/Purio. Wrap up to follow as HR/PR finish up Aug 3, 2023.

Results of Match 5

We were able to pull off another win at home against Paso Robles 23-13. Thanks again to the players for never giving up and playing their best every shot. Most won, some lost, that's golf as we know. Our record now is 3 losses followed by 2 recent wins and one more match to go. Thanks to Mike Whitlock, Lawson Schaller, Steve Ross, Marc Burgraff, Joe Herold, Norm Williams, Chris Rivas, Mark Mahler, Les Wade, Curtis Johnson, Rob Rutherford and Jack Johnson for their team play.

Results of Match 4

Well, we won our first one against Hunter Ranch at Morro Bay 25-11. Our foggy weather helped us and our veteran players used their talents and experience on their home course to finish off this win. Thanks to the players Jeff Blanchard, Nicki Anderson, Norm Williams, Steve Ross, Marc Burgraff, Bill Mundee, Mark Mahler, Rob Rutherford, Sam Mangum, Jack Johnson, Lawson Schaller and Curtis Johnson.

Results of Match 3

We lost to Chalk 25-11. We have now completed our first half of the team play season with all 3 away games behind us. Thanks to Joel for a consolation drink after the Chalk game for our team effort. Now we can focus on the next 3 home games. Thanks also to all those players who traveled to our away games; Eric Douglass, Mark Mahler, Dario Gonzales, Tim McLaughlin, Lou Purio, Sam Mangum, Nicki Anderson, Pete Moore, Mike Whitlock, Jim Pyle, Bill Mundee, Brent Jorgensen, Jeff Blanchard, Joe Herold, Chris Rivas, Lawson Schaller, Rey Valdez, Rob Rutherford and Marc Burgraff.

Results of Match 2

We had a "no excuse" perfect weather day at Paso for the match. We again played most matches down to the last few holes, gave it our all, but still came up to a loss. The positive is we all are getting better at match play tactics and we lost by less than we did the week before at Hunter. End results were 21-15 advantage Paso. Thanks to the team.

Results of Match 1

We played hard to a loss of 24 to 12. All but a couple of matches came down to the last couple of holes. We could improve to first if we play better, otherwise we will stay in our place below first. Next week at Paso looks promising. Go team MB!

Competition Details:

The comptition is match play with 2-person teams. There are 3 matches within each 4-some. A best ball match and 2 individual matches. Each match is worth 2 points. All scoring is match play.

If we go to the next level only those that have played in at least one match are eligible.

The NCGA will only allow a handicap of 18.4 so we try to keep our team to the lowest handicaps possible.

The league is open to men and women. The minimum age is 21 and players must be on our roster as of May 22.

Sign up sheets are in the clubhouse or contact our captains.
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