Morro Bay  GC

2024 Eclectic #1

Dates May 7, May 14, May 21
Play 1, 2 or all 3 weeks!
Entry Fee $25
No refunds after play starts.
Deadline Players may sign up as late as Week 3.
Handicaps Game will use first round handicap for all weeks. Players get full handicaps.
Tee Times Sign up as usual on sheets at the clubhouse
Score Cards Eclectic score cards must be picked up before play and turned in after play EACH WEEK! If a score card is not properly filled in and returned EACH WEEK the player will be disqualified.
Flights: Flights will be determined by the size of the field
Prizes: Prizes will be awarded equally for both gross and net within each flight
The Game: An eclectic is like a personal best ball. The player will play one, two or three rounds, with the game score being the best score for each hole.

For example, in week 1 the golfer has a 7 on hole 1, in week 2 a 5, and in week 3 a 6. The score for hole 1 is a 5.

This tournament is intended to be fun!

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