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2024 New Member Application

Morro Bay Golf Club membership is valid through the end of December each year. Membership includes membership in the NCGA and a USGA handicap

Name___________________________________ Date______________ 


City___________________________ State_____ Zip_________


Gender: M___ F ___        E-mail: ________________________________

May we use this information in a roster?   Yes: ____ No: ___

Do you have an existing (or within last 2 years) handicap? Yes____No____

If yes, please provide:   GHIN#_________________
            or Other (please specify): __________________________

Morro Bay Golf Club supports the Morro Bay High School golf teams. We provide annual scholarships to graduating seniors. Contributions to the scholarship fund are optional. Anyone who donates $50 or more will receive a complimentary golf lesson from one of the course's teaching professionals.

Individual Membership $64 $_________
Set up fee if you do NOT have an ACTIVE GHIN#: $10 $_________
For Individual Membership,
After October 1, deduct $26.
Junior (under 18). Provide date of birth: _______ $18 $_________
Optional HS scholarship fund donation: $_________
Total Amount Paid $_________

If you have any questions, you may contact anyone at the Morro Bay Pro Shop or call Jeff Brady at 805-748-6450

Please make your check payable to Morro Bay Golf Club (MBGC) and mail to:

Morro Bay Golf Club    C/o Jeff Brady    1778 San Luis Dr.     San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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