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New Member Application for 2024

Welcome to the online application for joining the Morro Bay Golf Club.

Cost to join at this time is $72

If you wait until next month to join your payment will be $59

Our annual dues are $72 and for a junior golfer (under 18) the dues are $46. The annual dues consist of $46 NCGA dues plus $26 club dues. NCGA dues are for the entire year. Club dues are reduced at various times during the year.

Morro Bay Golf Club supports the Morro Bay High School golf teams. We provide annual scholarships to graduating seniors. Contributions to the scholarship fund are optional. Anyone who donates $50 or more will receive a complimentary golf lesson from one of the course's teaching professionals. At the end of the application process you may also make a contribution to the MB High School Golf Teams Scholarship Fund.

You cannot go back on any of the application pages. You will be able to review your information before payment.

Please begin by indicating whether you have a GHIN#, either active or inactive. GHIN#'s remain valid for several years after becoming inactive.

Active GHIN#:

Inactive GHIN#:


Any problems or questions contact Jeff Brady
at 805-748-6450 or