Morro Bay  GC

August 4, 2020   Game: ONES

note - some ties could not be broken with USGA standards

Gross  Net
Flight 1
1st36 Mike Whitlock1st34 Alex Kuchenmeister
2nd35 Ed Hurd
3rd35 Marc Burgraff
4th36 Mark Zimmerman
5th36 Jesse Simpson
6th37 Nicki Anderson
6th37 Dario Gonzales
Flight 2
1st39 Bob Clucas1st32 Larry Rentler
2nd34 Gerald Griswold
3rd34 Curtis Johnson
4th34 Les Wade
5th35 Mickey Gares
6th35 Bill Luffee
Flight 3
1st42 Will Powers1st33 Mike Turner
2nd34 Shawn Clopper
3rd34 Dennis Marty
4th36 Tim Chesbro
4th36 Mike Nielson
6th36 Tim McLaughlin
Flight 4
1st43 Randy Carter1st32 Ron Thompson
2nd34 Jim Datter
3rd34 Frank Jones
4th35 Bill Awbrey
5th35 Brad Hunt
6th35 Robert Grove
Note: As necessary, Ties were resolved using USGA recommended card-off process.
When ties could not be broken, pay was equal.

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