Morro Bay  GC

January 7, 2020   Game: Stroke Play

NOTE: Scoring software used lower handicaps than the GHIN posting. We are working on the discrepancy

Gross  Net
Flight 1
1st77 Ed Hurd1st71 Mark Mahler
2nd73 Gerry Lane
3rd74 Gordon Empey
4th74 Larry Rentler
5th75 Chris Rivas
6th75 Mike Whitlock
7th76 Jeff Blanchard
8th77 Seth Howell
Flight 2
1st79 Sam Mangum1st71 Jerry Dunlap
2nd72 Fred Nelson
3rd73 Bob Jones
4th73 Jerry Emery
5th74 Dennis Marty
6th74 Frank Merrill
7th74 Roberto Lopez
8th74 Tim Chesbro
Flight 3
1st87 Marc Shouse1st68 Bill Awbrey
2nd69 Richard Breen
3rd70 George Dodge
4th74 Rudy Rudholm
5th75 Rob Rutherford
6th75 Jon E. Olson
7th75 Larry Kleiger
8th75 Jerry Weber

Closest to the Pin #4

1st 5'10"Dave Smith
2nd 7'7"William Dill
3rd 9'5"Dennis Marty

Closest to the Pin #10

1st 8'1"Ed Hurd
2nd 9'1"Dennis Marty
3rd 16'8"Larry Rentler
Note: As necessary, Ties were resolved using USGA recommended card-off process.
When ties could not be broken, pay was equal.

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