Morro Bay  GC

August 9, 2022   Game: Club Championship Round 1

Closest to the Pin #4

1st 3'0"Steve Chernack
2nd 3'1"Larry Kleiger
3rd 5'6"Marc Burgraff

Closest to the Pin #8

1st 35'2"Joseph Herold
2nd 39'5"Ted Oliver

Closest to the Pin #10

1st 6'4"David Jones
2nd 8'0"Gerald Griswold
3rd 8'3"Seth Howell

Closest to the Pin #17

1st 27'6"Paul Nagy
2nd 28'10"Seth Howell
3rd 29'5"Jim Watts

August 2, 2022   Game: Gold Tees

Gross  Net
Flight 1
1st68 Dario Gonzales1st67 Joseph Herold
2nd68 Jeff Blanchard
3rd71 Gordon Empey
4th72 Stuart Weaver
5th73 Chris Rivas
6th73 Paul Masi
Flight 2
1st78 Ray Nicholson1st71 Michael Ayers
2nd72 Jesse Simpson
3rd73 Eric Holt
4th73 John Lalley
5th73 Steve Rye
6th75 Sam Mangum
Flight 3
1st76 Peter Candela1st67 Brian Hope
2nd70 Jim Walter
3rd73 William Dill
4th73 Marty Sanders
5th74 Will Powers
6th76 Nancy Oliveira
Flight 4
1st84 Dennis Billings1st71 Mike Nielson
2nd71 Ed Applegate
3rd72 Manny Linhares
4th73 Frank McMartin
5th76 George Dodge
6th76 John LeJeal

Closest to the Pin #4

1st 1'0"Michael Ayers
2nd 3'1"Bill Carr
3rd 4'6"Gordon Empey

Closest to the Pin #10

1st 5'9"Tim Chesbro
2nd 5'11"Ray Nicholson
3rd 6'3"Dario Gonzales
Note: As necessary, Ties were resolved using USGA recommended card-off process.
When ties could not be broken, pay was equal.

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