Morro Bay  GC

November 6, 2018   Game: Eclectic Round 3

Flight 2 had a 1st place tie thru all the tie breaker steps.

Gross  Net
Flight 1
1st67 Ed Hurd1st57 Bob Clucas
2nd69 Tom Underhill2nd60 Mark Zimmerman
3rd69 Jeff Blanchard3rd61 Doug Bugni
4th70 Lou Purio4th61 Seth Howell
5th72 Pete Moore5th61 Mark Mahler
Flight 2
1st73 Larry Rentler1st58 Tim Chesbro
2nd73 Gregg Kaufman1st58 Jesse Simpson
3rd74 Frank Merrill3rd59 Harold Hilker
4th77 Manuel Quezada4th60 Bill Brown
5th77 William Dill5th61 Rich Monahan
Flight 3
1st74 Tim McLoughlin1st57 Marc Shouse
2nd76 Doug Diefenderfer2nd57 Nick Parenti
3rd79 Bob Jones3rd59 Jim Malone
4th80 Ed Weaver4th60 Daniel Sousa
5th82 Fred Nelson5th60 Skip Brownell
Flight 4
1st82 Ron Thompson1st57 Dale Mills
2nd85 Randy Carter2nd59 Jim Datter
3rd87 Bill Awbrey3rd60 Ed Applegate
4th87 George Dodge4th60 Murray Johnson
5th88 Bill Rodgers5th61 Judy Blakeley

Closest to the Pin #4

1st 5'4"Harold Hilker
2nd 8'8"Earle Vaughan
3rd 9'1"Murray Johnson

Closest to the Pin in 2 #8

1st 0'5"Tim Chesbro
2nd 0'11"Gerald Griswold
3rd 1'2"Doug Bugni

Closest to the Pin #10

1st 7'2"Tom Underhill
2nd 11'7"Dennis Marty
3rd 12'0"Skip Brownell

Closest to the Pin in 2 #17

1st 0'0"Seth Howell
2nd 0'8"Frank Merrill
3rd 0'10"Ed Hurd
Note: As necessary, Ties were resolved using USGA recommended card-off process.
When ties could not be broken, pay was equal.