Morro Bay  GC

Tee times for
March 3

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Game: U Pick Em

Individual Game
Full Handicap
You must play:
4 holes from Gold Tees
5 holes from White Tees
5 holes from Blue Tees
4 holes from Black Tees
Record gross score for each hole. This round CANNOT be posted.
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7:37Sam MangumFrank MerrillLarry RentlerBill Subang
7:45Will PowersCurtis JohnsonPhil GraeberBill Luffee
7:52Ed ApplegateDave YeltonJames TarbyJim Walter
8:00Seth HowellJerry DunlapStuart WeaverAlex Kuchenmeister
8:07Judy BlakeleyNick ParentiLou PurioJeff Blanchard
8:15Mike NielsonLarry KellyHayden LavelleJim Watts
8:22Skip BrownellRick BetterleyGordon EmpeyTim Chesbro
8:30Daniel SousaLarry DooleyDennis AshbyCraig Baker
8:37Jeff BradyNicki AndersonMargaret BreenRob Rutherford
8:45Dennis MartyGary AllenRon ThompsonMarc Shouse
8:52Harold HilkerJim MaloneGerald GriswoldMichael Snow
9:00Doug BugniWilliam CoombsEarle VaughanJordon (guest)
9:07Les WadeBrent JorgensenMark MahlerEd Hurd
9:15Frank JonesWilliam DillGeorge DodgeJohn LeJeal
9:22Ted OliverJack JohnsonManuel QuezadaReed Coray
9:30Kami GriffinPatrick Griffin
9:37Robert GrovePlato SteriosVivian CoccaChris Rivas
9:45Larry KleigerBill BrownJesse SimpsonPaul Bittick
9:52Jerry WeberRandy CarterFred NelsonBill Awbrey
10:00Gerry LaneGene ApplebyRudy RudholmMarty Sanders
10:07Mark ZimmermanBill Mundee Pyle (guest)
10:15Jerry EmeryJon E. OlsonBob ClucasJim Datter
10:22Manny LinharesFrank NelsonCraig Christopherson

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