Morro Bay  GC

2022 NCGA Thursday Summer Match Team Play


Captains: Marc Burgraff   Nicki Anderson   


1June 2MB vs Paso at Morro Bay
2June 9MB vs Hunter Ranch at Hunter Ranch
3June 23 MB vs Chalk Mountain at Morro Bay
4July 7MB vs Paso at Paso
5July 21MB vs Hunter Ranch at Morro Bay
6August 4MB vs Chalk Mountain at Chalk

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Results of Match 6

Our last match at Chalk was a loss, 25-11. It was closer to a tie/win than it looks with most everyone close in contention to the end. Chalk ended up again the group leader with a record of 5W, 0L, 1T (provided by us at home). We ended up in second place with a 2W, 3L, 1T. We had a total of 23 players over 6 matches. Their stats are 33W, 27L, 12T. Player with the most wins was Tim McLaughlin with 4W in 5 plays. Following in second most wins was Pyle, Griswold and Whitlock with 3 each. Most participating was Mark Mahler who played in all 6 tournaments. In team play we were 19W, 11L, 6T. Interestingly the last 3 pairs in team match pairs overall had twice the wins of the first 3 team pairs to tee off. Overall we showed up, played as good as we could, hopefully had fun and learned a little about golf and competition.....I know I did. Thanks everyone!

Results of Match 5

We played bravely against HR at home and true to tradition we won at home. Final score 25 to 11. We now go to our last game at Chalk, the group leader, at Chalk next. Being true to tradition we are expected to lose to them in the heat of August. Maybe this will be the time we will break out of this losing tradition when playing away with a win or a tie.

We are behind in points overall more than we can make up to win our team group even if we beat Chalk, but we have the most match points for our group (30 groups), we are the highest match point leader of the 2nd place teams and only 3 first place teams have more match points than us. So that's pretty darn good I think. Thanks again to the players' in last match: Ed Hurd, Marc Burgraff, Rob Rutherford, Joe Herold, Chris Rivas, Jeff Blanchard, Mark Mahler, Tim McLaughlin, Pete Moore, Curtis Johnson, Gerry Griswold, Will Powers.

Results of Match 4

We lost today 24 to 12. Everyone gave their best, but we couldn't pull it off. Below you find the standings and can see we still have a "match point" total of 81 which if we can pull off a tie at the end of the series would mean that our team totals would break the tie and that would take us forward. It's a possibility we can achieve with the right combination of our wins/ties. So fingers crossed we move on to our next match at home and look for a win. Thanks to the players today, Rob Rutherford, Will Powers, Gerry Griswold, Curtis Johnson, Pete Moore, Eric Douglass, Mark Mahler, Bill Mundee, Joe Herold, Jim Pyle, Ed Hurd and Jim Pyle. It's a long shot, but never give up.

Results of Match 3

The MB team play was exciting last week. We scraped, scrambled and scratched our way to a tie (Chalk was lucky and some of them had to shoot their lifetime best) last Thursday to keep pace with Chalk who is currently in first place as we got to the halfway point in our 6 round series of team play. A big effort and thanks to the players who played hard, never gave up and I think may have enjoyed themselves too! Ha! Thanks to Nicki Anderson, Kevin Qualey, Brent Jorgensen, Mike Whitlock, Lou Purio, Bill Mundee, Mark Mahler, Joe Herold, Doug Bugni, Eric Seeman, Tim McLaughlin and Gerry Griswold,

Results of Match 2

We had a sensational effort by the team and we damn near pulled out an upset on their course and in 98 degree heat! It was very close the entire round with all the players and I think we put on one of our best shows with a narrow loss of 20-16. Most matches went down to the last couple holes. Nobody gave up in the heat and that looks good for our next 2 away matches. With our accumulation of points from the first round and this round I believe we are still solidly in first place even with the close loss June 9th. All the players to be congratulated: Nicki Anderson, Ed Hurd, Mike Whitlock, Lou Purio, Jim Pyle, Bill Mundee, Mark Mahler, Eric Douglass, Chris Rivas, Rey Valdez, Gerry Griswold and Tim McLaughlin.

Results of Match 1

Morro Bay defeated Paso 35-1. We had 6 out of 6 team wins, 11 out of 12 individual wins, one individual tie and no losses. Thanks to all that played. The players for MB were Brent Jorgensen, Mike Whitlock, Lou Purio, Joe Herold, Jim Pyle, Jeff Blanchard, Mark Mahler, Doug Bugni, Eric Seeman, Gerry Griswold, Tim McLaughlin and Rob Rutherford.

Competition Details:

The comptition is match play with 2-person teams. There are 3 matches within each 4-some. A best ball match and 2 individual matches. Each match is worth 2 points. All scoring is match play.

If we go to the next level only those that have played in at least one match are eligible.

The NCGA will only allow a handicap of 18.4 so we try to keep our team to the lowest handicaps possible.

The league is open to men and women. The minimum age is 21 and players must be on our roster as of June 1.

Sign up sheets are in the clubhouse or contact our captains.
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