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NCGA Senior Four-Ball Net

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Our club can sponsor up to 2 teams for the NCGA Annual Four-Ball Net Championship (Two-Person Best Ball).

Our NCGA Qualifier Tournament will be held Tuesday, June 18

If we have less than 8 teams, the event will be canceled. 8-10 teams entered, and we will send 1 team. Over 10 teams entered and we will send 2 teams.

Key Dates

Sectional Qualifying:    Aug 1-10

Sectional Sites: Winning teams may choose from the following locations (teams do not have to choose the same site):

Castle Oaks GC
Aug 3 (Sat)
Coyote Creek GC
Aug 6 (Tues)
Del Monte GC
Aug 8 (Thurs)
Haggin Oaks
Aug 7 (Wed)
Metropolitan GL
Aug 1 (Thurs)
Oakmont GC
Aug 7 (Wed)
Paso Robles GC
Aug 10 (Sat)
Peach Tree GC
Aug 9 (Fri)
Poppy Ridge
Aug 7 (Wed)
Rancho Solano
Aug 7 (Wed)
Reserve at Spanos Park GC
Aug 2 (Fri)
Sunnyside CC
Aug 8 (Thurs)

Championship Dates:     Sept 9-10 ( Mon-Tues )

Championship Site: Poppy Hills

Morro Bay Golf Club Team Qualifier

Format Two-person Best Ball
Tees Men will play from the white tees. Women from the gold tees.
Eligibility Entrants must be amateur golfers and current members of the club. Entrants must also have played in at least 4 qualifying rounds in the 12 months prior to the event (not including Club Championship and other NCGA Qualifiers) or have been a member in good standing for at least 5 years. Qualifying rounds are: play on a Tuesday with the club (entry in the game not required) or an NCGA Team Play match for our club at home or away.
  • Morro Bay Golf Club can send up to 2-person teams to this NCGA competition
  • We need 10 teams entered to send 2 teams to the qualifier.
  • If we have at least 8 entries, we will send one team.
  • The top team(s) advance to the Sectional Qualifier. The next places will be alternates in order of finish.
  • Our qualifier will be held Tuesday, June 18 , with regular play.
  • Entry Deadline: Saturday before play.
  • Current handicaps will be used
  • All players with indexes of 18.5 or above are eligible but must play to a maximum index of 18.4.
  • Partners with greater than an 8 stroke difference in handicaps will have a 10% reduction applied.
  • For the qualifier, handicaps will be 90% (men) and 95% (women) of the course handicap using a maximum index of 18.4 for calculation.
  • Entry fee: $25 per person, $50 per team.
  • Entry fee does not include entry in game of the day.
  • The monies collected in the qualifier will be applied to the cost of playing in the NCGA tournament. The NCGA entry fees are $270 per team for qualifiers, $0 per team for championship. The entry fees includes all greens fees.
  • The qualifying teams will be responsible for their own travel costs. Any extra money received in the qualifier entry fees will be used to offset winning teams' travel costs
  • The entry fees paid by our club cover greens fees, but not cart fees.
Tee Times Tee times will be assigned and posted on our website or you can call the Tournament Chair.
Tournament Chair Margaret Breen
Phone: 805-556-0755

If you need a partner or have any questions please contact the Tournament Chair and we will try to pair you up.

Entry Form

NCGA Competition Details

A player who does not show up and does not notify the NCGA shall receive a one year suspension from all NCGA events for the calendar year following the infraction. This includes team/club events.

NO SHOWS also includes a player who starts and withdraws prior to the close of the competition and has not personally turned in his scorecard to a tournament official.

  • Players must be amateur golfers
  • Players must be 55 years of age by September 15, 2019.
  • NCGA regular member clubs only. Multi-members can only represent one club.
  • Players must have a valid handicap.
  • Team may be men and/or women.
  • Players must be on our roster as of June 15 .
  • Two-Person Net Better Ball Stroke Play.
  • If partners handicaps differ more than 8 strokes, an additional 10% reduction will be applied to their course handicaps.
  • Play will be 90% (men) and 95% (women) of the course handicap using a maximum index of 18.4 for calculation.
  • Women compete from forward tees in all NCGA events and handicaps will be adjusted accordingly based on the difference in ratings of the men's and women's tees.
  • All players with indexes of 18.5 or above are eligible but must play to a maximum current index of 18.4.

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