Morro Bay  GC

Local Rules

The following local rules have been approved by the Morro Bay Golf Club board and apply to all our weekly games and tournament unless otherwise noted:

  • Obstructions around the green
    If an obstruction (such as a sprinkler head) is within two club lengths of the green and on the line of play between the ball and the hole, and the ball lies within two club-lengths of the obstruction, then the player may take relief by lifting and dropping a ball in a relief area defined by the nearest point from where the ball lies that is not nearer the hole, avoids the intervention and is not in a hazard or on the putting green. The relief area extends one club length from the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole, and excludes the putting green.

  • Embedded Ball in a general area (meaning the ball must be embedded in its own pitch mark anywhere on the course that is not in a bunker or penalty area or on the green.) Ball may be marked, cleaned, and dropped as near as possible to the original spot and not nearer the hole. (Rule 16-3)

  • When playing Hole 8, there is relief from the screen on the north side of the 9th tee.
    If there is no defined 'Drop Area', player may take reasonable 'Line of Sight' relief on the north side of the screen and not nearer the hole nor in closely mowed portion of the fairway.(Rule 16-1)

  • Alternative to Stroke and Distance Penalty for Lost or Out of Bounds Ball
    If ball is not found within three minutes of starting search or virtually certain it is out of bounds, and a provisional has NOT been placed into play, the player may take relief by dropping another ball in the fairway being played. The ball must be dropped within two club lengths of the fairway edge and equidistant from the point where the ball last crossed out of bounds or the location where the ball was considered lost. For more information see the USGA Rule 18.2.

    Using this option is a 2 stroke penalty.

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