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Tee Times Request Log

Jim DatterAdd10:15 Sun Sep 19 2021 05:47:45pm
Larry DooleyCancel8:07 Larry Dooley and Sun Sep 19 2021 05:17:20pm
Larry DooleyAdd8:07Dan Sousa Sun Sep 19 2021 05:05:32pm
Tim McLaughlinCancel8:52 Can't make itTim McLaughlinSun Sep 19 2021 12:27:28am
Steve ChernackChange8:45 Please add Phil Hernon as my guest, Thanks.Sat Sep 18 2021 03:36:55pm
Peter WightmanAdd8:22 Sat Sep 18 2021 03:21:36pm
Dennis MartyCancel8:07 Dennis MartyFri Sep 17 2021 07:04:05pm
Malin LebbadAdd8:37 With Mike Whitlock. ThanksFri Sep 17 2021 08:27:04am
Jeff BlanchardCancel7:15 Out of townJeff BlanchardThu Sep 16 2021 03:57:00pm
Brad HuntAdd8:45 Wed Sep 15 2021 09:37:22pm
James WalterChange10:00 amit patel has cancelled and Nancy Oliveras originally at 9;45 will be joining us at 10;00 okWed Sep 15 2021 01:18:28pm
matt cradduckAdd10:30michael breazeale, scott jarrid Wed Sep 15 2021 12:47:41pm
marc burgraffAdd9:45 Wed Sep 15 2021 09:49:00am
dennis kunkelAdd9:45 Wed Sep 15 2021 09:43:04am
Nancy OliveiraAdd9:45 Wed Sep 15 2021 04:22:03am
Lou PurioChange9:45 Rey Valdez can’t play next Tuesday at 9:45. Would you please delete him. Thx LouTue Sep 14 2021 09:02:34pm
Frank McMartinAdd10:07 Tue Sep 14 2021 07:02:36pm
Edward HurdAdd10:07Les, jack, mark Tue Sep 14 2021 06:07:58pm
gerald laneAdd10:00appleby walter patel Tue Sep 14 2021 04:18:13pm
Larry KleigerAdd9:52Jesse Simpson, Gary Requa, Manny Linhares Tue Sep 14 2021 04:14:01pm
Lou PurioAdd9:37Pat Gorey and Rey Valdez Tue Sep 14 2021 04:07:49pm
Timothy ChesbroAdd7:45Betterley,Empey,Brownell ThanksTue Sep 14 2021 04:03:32pm
jim wattsAdd8:15kelly and mcgill Tue Sep 14 2021 04:02:05pm
Mark TaylorAdd7:37James Tarby, Ray Nicholson, Hapi Hapinstol Tue Sep 14 2021 04:02:03pm
Robert JordanAdd8:37Doug Bugni, Earle Vaughan Tue Sep 14 2021 04:01:45pm
Curtis JohnsonAdd7:22Powers Griswold Please exclude Curtis JohnsonTue Sep 14 2021 04:01:32pm
Bill Awbrey AwbreyAdd9:22Jerry Weber, Randy Carter, Fred Nelson Tue Sep 14 2021 04:01:17pm
Henry HernandezAdd8:52Mike Whitlock Steve ross Tue Sep 14 2021 04:01:10pm
Peter MooreAdd8:52Rutherford, Mclaaughlin, Defenderfer Tue Sep 14 2021 04:01:10pm
Bruce OgilvieAdd9:07Brian hope. Tom Cantwell John walker Tue Sep 14 2021 04:01:05pm
Stan WeaverAdd8:15Tom Smith, Michael Moore Tue Sep 14 2021 04:01:00pm
Ed ApplegateAdd8:00Reed Coray, Manuel Quezada Tue Sep 14 2021 04:00:59pm
Robert GroveAdd9:30Mike Turner, Roberto Lopez, Shawn Clopper Tue Sep 14 2021 04:00:50pm
Dennis MartyAdd8:07D marty m shouse p griffin Tue Sep 14 2021 04:00:45pm
Frank MerrillAdd7:15Sam Mangum, Larry Rentler, Jeff Blanchard Tue Sep 14 2021 04:00:34pm
Steve ChernackAdd8:45Michael Snow. Thanks Tue Sep 14 2021 04:00:01pm

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