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Match Play 2021 - Competition Reminders:

  • Everyone will have a match in the Initial Round. Pairings will be a blind draw
  • All match score cards must be deposited in the Score Cards box in the pro shop
  • After the Initial Round winners will move to the Championship Bracket, losers will move to the Consolation Bracket. Byes will be based on seeding from the Initial Round blind draw.
  • All matches must be completed in the designated period
  • Women play the gold or white tees with appropriate adjustments for different tees.
  • Men play the white tees.
Any questions or problems setting up your matches please contact Joel Clay.

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2021 Initial Round Results

Winner Loser
Tim McLaughlin          Jeff Blanchard
John LeJeal          Paul Nagy
Doug Bugni          Jim Malone
Marc Burgraff          Phil Graeber
Bob Jones          Patrick Gorey
George Dodge          Pete Moore
Reynaldo Valdez          Sam Mangum
Ed Applegate          Ed Hurd
Roberto Lopez          Mike Stilson
Curtis Johnson          James Tarby
Rob Rutherford          Kevin Qualey
Eric Douglass          Brent Jorgensen
Gregg Kaufman          Morgan Brockman
John Hyche          Charles Buckley
David Jones          Chris Rivas
Richard Breen          Kevin Foelker
Mark Mahler          Harold Hilker
Malin Lebbad          Joseph Herold
Lou Purio          Fred Nelson
John Lalley          John Seidel
Bob Jordan          Marty Sanders
Craig Cornell          Terry Newman
Rob Seroka          Larry Rentler
Earle Vaughan          Jeff Brady
Jim Walter          Gerald Griswold
Patrick Griffin          Mark Zimmerman
Gordon Empey          Frank McMartin
Bill Luffee          Vivian Cocca
Les Wade          Mike Whitlock
Will Powers          George Contento
Arby Kitzman          Nicki Anderson
Jack Johnson          Steve Ross

2021 Initial Round Pairings. Play by end of January

No Outstanding Matches

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Past Champions

2021Reynaldo Valdez
2020Tim McLaughlin
2019Joel Clay
2018Mark Mahler
2017Larry Rentler
2016Les Wade
2015Mike Nielson
2014Josh Heptig
2013Ray Jackson
2012Doug Bugni
2011Nancy Tharp
2010Earle Vaughan
2009Les Wade
2008Don Albin

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