Morro Bay  GC

Match Play 2018 - Competition Reminders:

  • Everyone will have a match in the Initial Round. Pairings will be a blind draw
  • All match score cards must be deposited in the Score Cards box in the pro shop
  • After the Initial Round winners will move to the Championship Bracket, losers will move to the Consolation Bracket. Byes will be based on seeding from the Initial Round blind draw.
  • All matches must be completed in the designated period
  • Women play the gold tees and receive 2 additional handicap strokes from a male opponent on white tees.
  • Men play the white tees.
Any questions or problems setting up your matches please contact Joel Clay.

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2018 Initial Round Results

Winner Loser
Brad Fowles          Jesse Simpson
Gordon Empey          Dean Marchant
Bruce Badrigian          William Dill
Bill Subang          Jack Johnson
Jim Malone          Ian Sorensen
George Dodge          Kevin Foelker
Bill Luffee          Michael Samaniego
Ed Hurd          Jerry Dunlap
David Jones          Mike Stilson
Craig Baker          Marc Shouse
Mark Zimmerman          Larry Rentler
Rob Rutherford          Peter Wightman
James Tarby          Steven Pontius
Les Wade          Bob Jones
Mike Nielson          Philip Hernon
Jeff Brady          Dennis Marty
Matt Cradduck          Sam Mangum
Morgan Brockman          Jeff Blanchard
Richard Breen          Dick Mooney
Joel Clay          Malin Lebbad
Lou Purio          Skip Brownell
John Lalley          Harold Hilker
Roger Pelletier          Joseph Herold
Seth Howell          Dave Yelton
Sandy Loflin          Earle Vaughan
John Seidel          Will Powers
Gerald Griswold          Rob Seroka
Hayden Lavelle          Brian Davison
Terry Newman          Klaus Kueter
Doug Diefenderfer          Tom Lozon
Mark Mahler          Larry Kleiger
Doug Bugni          Ray Gallo

2018 Initial Round Pairings. Play by end of January

Play January 9th if possible!

No Pairings Yet
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