Morro Bay Golf Club       Game: Club Championship Date: August 14

Game Details: Individual Game Full Handicap Regular Stroke Play.
Club Champion will be cumulative low gross score.
Fully flighted.
Message: Tee Times may change.
Still time to on this screen
Fully flighted, full handicap
No other game.
7:37 Hayden Lavelle Brent Jorgensen Ed Hurd
7:45 Morgan Brockman Dario Gonzales Lou Purio
7:52 David Jones Nicki Anderson Jeff Blanchard Joseph Herold
8:00 Stuart Weaver Gordon Empey Seth Howell Mark Zimmerman
8:07 Les Wade Doug Bugni Mark Mahler Pete Moore
8:15 Ted Oliver Craig Baker Sam Mangum Earle Vaughan
8:22 Jesse Simpson Rick Betterley Larry Rentler Bill Luffee
8:30 John Lalley Mike Nielson Jerry Dunlap Gerald Griswold
8:37 Tim McLoughlin John Harrison Will Powers Brad Fowles
8:45 William Dill Curtis Johnson Harold Hilker Phil Graeber
8:52 Tracey Serino Rob Rutherford Nick Parenti Jack Johnson
9:00 Richard Breen James Tarby Dennis Marty
9:07 Larry Kleiger Doug Diefenderfer Marc Shouse Ed Weaver
9:15 Jim Malone Ron Thompson Jeff Brady Philip Hernon
9:22 Dennis Ashby Rex Oswald Skip Brownell Frank Jones
9:30 George Dodge Judy Blakeley Ed Applegate Ken Scotto
9:37 Margaret Breen Robert Grove Jim Datter Gary Allen
9:45 Jerry Crawford Bill Rodgers Dave Yelton
9:52 Jerry Weber Fred Nelson Dale Salyer Randy Carter
10:00 Bob Clucas George Montoya Bill Carr (guest)
10:07 Patrick Griffin Kami Griffin Wes Densmore David London
Winnings to collect - Pink Highlight
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