Morro Bay Golf Club       Game: Pinehurst Alternate Shot Date: October 26

Game Details: 2 Person Team Game Two person team game. Both players hit tee shots. Switch balls for second shots. Choose best ball and alternate shots to hole. (If player A’s ball is chosen, player B must hit third shot.) You may use your own brand of ball - play from within six inches of where the previous ball comes to rest. Record gross scores. Handicaps will be 60% of low player and 40% of high player rounded off.

7:15 Frank Merrill Sam Mangum Jeff Blanchard    *
7:22 Curtis Johnson Will Powers Gerald Griswold    * Jeff Schrader
7:30 Seth Howell Jerry Dunlap Stuart Weaver Alex Kuchenmeister
7:37 Stan Weaver Michael Moore
7:45 Tim Chesbro Rick Betterley Gordon Empey    * Skip Brownell
7:52 Bill Luffee    * Mark Zimmerman    * Bill Mundee Jim Pyle
8:00 Ed Applegate Manuel Quezada Lee Cross
8:07 Dennis Marty Marc Shouse Patrick Griffin Doug Diefenderfer
8:15 Larry Kelly Jim Watts    * Rob McGill
8:22 John Seidel    * Pete Moore    * Tim McLaughlin    * Rob Rutherford   *
8:30 Jeff Brady Marty Sanders    * Rudy Rudholm    * Russell Banner
8:37 Joseph Herold    * Earle Vaughan Doug Bugni Bob Jordan   *
8:45 Steve Chernack    * Brad Hunt    * Dennis Ashby Michael Snow
8:52 Ed Hurd    * Les Wade    * Jack Johnson Mark Mahler   *
9:00 Harold Hilker    * Jim Malone John Lalley    * Bob Jones
9:07 Lou Purio    * Patrick Gorey    * Mike Stilson Don Kanallakan
9:15 George Dodge    * John LeJeal William Dill Frank Jones
9:22 Bill Awbrey Randy Carter Jerry Weber Fred Nelson
9:30 Shawn Clopper    * Roberto Lopez Peter Candela
9:37 Henry Hernandez Mike Whitlock    * Steve Ross Paul Masi
9:45 Manny Linhares Jesse Simpson Larry Kleiger Gary Requa
9:52 Tom Cantwell    * John Walker
10:00 Jim Walter Gerry Lane Gene Appleby Nancy Oliveira   *
10:07 Vivian Cocca    * Chris Rivas Jim Datter Bob Clucas

Winnings to collect - Pink Highlight

Check OUT box for players who are NOT in $5 game.